Web 2.0 Tools that help with Exam Preparation

Want a different format than simply writing on a whiteboard or for the less technologically advanced a blackboard? Than these could be the tools for you. Bubbl.us is an online brainstorming tool Bubbl.us allows you to create mind mapping and brainstorming diagrams online. It is completely free and easy to use. To create a mind map simply place the main topic/concept is entered in the parent bubble. Then responses and information in relation to this concept are put in colorful text bubbles linked to the parent bubble. The bubbles are color coded according to hierarchy.

Bubbl.us in the Classroom

Easy to use
Doesn’t require an account unless you want to save work
Helps to organize thoughts and explore relationships
Aids in generating ideas
Encourages risk taking
Encourages group discussions

Bubbl.us has proved a great tool in the classroom not only at revision time but to expand concepts in the senior cycle religion program that have been introduced at junior cycle. The Mind Map format allows for students to visually represent the progression of their knowledge of a concept and if saved can be reopened at another time to add new points as the understanding of the concept develops. Bubbl.us is also invaluable in exam preparation it enables students to destruct the question to discover what the question requires. Once the key concepts to be explored in the question are identified students can mindmap their knowledge of each concept before constructing an answer. It also provides a visual revision tool for the Kinesthetic learner. All mind maps can be printed and given to students to aid revision.


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