Web 2.0 Tools for Religion and other subjects……

There are a number of Web 2.0 tools that can help to make your classroom activities more enjoyable and relevant. The Tools mentioned can be used not only as an element in your classroom presentation but can be utilized as an assessment of Understanding through homework or Class assignments. These tools include Timetoast and Museumbox,Storybird and storyjumper that can be used in any subject.
Timetoast is a timeline generator with a difference, it creates interactive timelines that are easy to generate and allow for the inputting of not only the event but pictures, content and links.Timetoast is completly free simply register with your email account It is easy to create and enables for a large amount of information to be discovered in a limited space. In history class the transition years created timelines for people in history and the first year history classes used them in the historian activity. The had to discover all they can about the person and then create a person profile.

Museumbox allows students to act like curators and put significant objects and events and times from a persons life into a box. Museumbox is not free however and while you can register your school there is an annual cost.


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