Presentations outside of Power Point.

It is true.! Don’t be afraid, one can create presentations that are not a linear power point format. Let me introduce you to Prezi

Prezi is simple to use. You sign up for free and can begin to create your presentations straight away. Again excited by new found knowledge I decided to use Prezi in my class straight away. A few handy hints ensure that you format Prezi in the correct format and attempt to use it once or twice prior to the class or you could end up on the end of the presentation before you even start. The scramble to find the correct slide can lead not only to teacher embarrassment but to students becoming distracted and losing the development of a concept. Students enjoy Prezi presentations and they are great to use to develop concepts within the class or as an outline or revision tool. Students become easily distracted and Prezi fatigued if it is used daily thus losing the great effect that Prezi can have. Prezi was invaluable to highlight the technique of exam answering and revision prior to the christmas exams. As you can save Prezi presentations, they are now proving to be an excellent reflective tool for exam results. Students use the Prezi presentation to see what parts of the question they failed to address.


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