Padlet(Wallwisher) is an online notice wall that allows teachers and students to post comments, pictures, watch and share videos and even debate. Padlet accounts are free and you can make as many walls as you like. Students do not have to create an account to post on your walls. The notes you post can contain links, videos, images, and document files.

There are numerous uses for padlet in the classroom
brainstorming activities or discussions where participation can be active rather than passive for all students.
use as a AFL tool (Ticket to leave), to check for student understanding and highlight areas to be reviewed
As a story starter place a sentence starter on a wall and allow students to complete with their own ideas
Or Simply to display students work, class photos etc.
Follow the link below for more interesting ways to use Padlet in the classroom.
It is easy to use and students enjoy the collaborative nature.


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