How to make your Presentations more interesting????

We have becoming presentation fatigued. The excitement and novelty of the Power point presentation has lost its shine. Students are bored with the same method of Presentation in every class so what can we do to make it different? As discussed in an early post Prezi allows for non linear presentations with all the features of a Power point,but it is still in the power point format. A new way to create presentations is through the medium of animation and while it may not work for every class the introduction of it to your class at random points not only spikes the students interest but allows a moment of connection for the visual and aural learner.There are a number of different web 2.0 animation tools. The level of sophistication of the animation varies greatly. Some of the most popular animation tools are Blabberize, Bitstrips,Toondospaces.
Blabberize is a very easy application that allows you to speak through a picture. Students can manipulate the picture to say what they want it to say. This can be very useful especially in a presentation to have the person explain their theory or belief. For example one could have Plato explaining the allegory of the cave, or Jesus retelling the story of The Lost Sheep.

Doink and Bitstrip are both applications that allow you to create simple cartoon characters and animate a story using these characters. It is an excellent resource to use with junior cycle students as many of them are already use to these apps. It is also an excellent tool for creating situation dilemmas when dealing with morality or expanding concepts. Doink is an app that can only be used on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Bitstrips is and android app that can be downloaded from Googleplay store and linked to your goggle or Prezi presentations.


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