Caring is sharing!

Why as teachers do we always feel that we need to reinvent the wheel???. Each teacher creates their own classroom material. If feeling generous allows the members of their department to use it and then leaves it hidden in a folder, for only the inspector to view. Why not start a revolution and share all you create. If everybody shared what resources we could have. How do you share? At the start of my journey in web 2.0 I would have said, usb, email or intranet in school but now I have discovered the amazing SlideShare!!!

SlideShare is a platform for sharing presentations. You can upload and share PowerPoint, PDF, or OpenOffice presentations.You can search and find presentations on topics of interest. In SlideShare you can tag presentation, and download or embed them into their own websites or blogs. As a member you can have your slides public or private and you can share your documents privately. SlideShare is also like a community as it lets its users to join groups to connect with SlideShare members who share similar interests. There is an education page in SlideShare that allows you to view and use presentations on the site. Remember though to be fair if you are to use others presentations you should allow them to use yours. In WordPress you can also embed any of your presentations into your blog. It is simple to join and create your slides. Here’s how…..


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