Animoto is a wonderful web 2.0 tool that allows you to create videos with musical accompaniment from your pictures. No more trying to upload pictures and put music over it that is time consuming and majorly stress inducing on power point. Simply pick your song upload your pictures and the presentation is done.

Animoto is completely free if you wish to create a 30 second presentation.The transition years have really taken to this app as a means of recording all their trips and fundraising activities. They simply create the videos with the pictures that are relevant to them, pick their own music and then write a blog spot on each activity to put in their transition year portfolio. The tool is also useful in the classroom to produce videos on sacred places, times or rites. It is more visually appealing than simply looking through Images or a you tube clip. It offers an opportunity to vary the stimulus. Animoto also acts a great teaching tool for classes were literacy levels are poor or there is a number of visual learners.The presentation is visual with limited text. Teachers can also use other tools such as Padlet Prezi or to record student learning at the end of the presentation.


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