QR Codes

QR CODES….. We have all seen them and if we admit it some of us have even scan them in a shop or on a magazine just to see what happens. How are they relevant to education one might ask????. When I heard that QR Codes were suggested in one or two in-services I was shocked. How would they ever be relevant in the classroom and worse still how would a computer immigrant like me ever create such a complicated computer generated image. In fact as I have learned about most web 2.0 tools it was relatively simple. One simply goes on to a page like qrstuff.com put in your information or upload the relevant page and the webpage does it all for you. Excited by my new knowledge I decided that I would put it to use. As part of Friendship week I organised a Treasure hunt In which the transition Years were divided into creators or Team Leaders. The creators came up with the clues and generated the qr codes. The team leaders were in charge of a team of 5 first years they acted as a guide to the game. A dry run was carried out the day before the treasure hunt by the creator team and all went well. On the day of the treasure hunt disaster struck the school WiFi decided to stop working. Results 100 excited student one very stressed teacher!!. 3 students had mobile WiFi on their phone so they acted as base to read the qr codes. The treasure hunt was a huge success with all students having a great time. I have also found that QR codes have worked well in returning of test results as it prevents the comparison of results. Phones are not allowed in School so the result is not checked until the student is at home. QR codes are fun for all pupils and should at least be attempted once a term. So go on give it a try.


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