How can I use Word Clouds ???????

Two Great sites that will give you plenty of Ideas on what you can use word clouds for in the classroom.

Word Clouds Wordle and beyond……

I have been introduced to word clouds a number of times over the past few years and never really felt that they had much relevance to the classroom situation, other then a pretty decoration of Key words on the classroom wall. However when I went beyond the basic copy page and see the words you get model Word Clouds opened up an amazing resource for self reflection and self directed learning. For my third and sixth year students in relation to their reports and the strategies they must implement now to succeed. For the students that were struggling in school, a word cloud based on their behavior report gave a powerful message of what exactly was going wrong and right. Some of my sixth years have even started to use them a means of revision, taking their own notes and creating a word cloud to highlight key terms before creating a mind map around these key points. An active self directed study pattern has begun and seems to be working!!!!!!!

20th November 1945: Nuremburg Trials Begin

Nuremburg was a series of trials in which former Nazi leaders were indited and tried as war criminals by the International Military Tribunal.They were indited on four counts: (1) crimes against peace (i.e., the planning, initiating, and waging of wars of aggression in violation of international treaties and agreements), (2) crimes against humanity (i.e., exterminations, deportations, and genocide), (3) war crimes (i.e., violations of the laws of war), and (4) “a common plan or conspiracy to commit” the criminal acts listed in the first three counts.
On October 1, 1946, the International Military Tribunal handed down its verdicts in the trials of 22 Nazi leaders – eleven were given the death penalty, three were acquitted, three were given life imprisonment and four were given imprisonment ranging from 10 to 20 years.