Weebly So not a wonder!!!!!!

I feel I have aged greatly since I started the Weebly process or maybe I am just showing my age. I found the process any thing but straight forward. The establishing of a personal wesite and creating a classlist was simple enough to lull me into a false sense of security and an an over estimation of my computer prowess!. Once I had set the Homework the fun began. Do I put in an assignment form on the website? and if so Do I need to fill anything in?. This was too confusing and open to error so I abandoned the idea. Do I create a Blog so students can put their homework up there?. Perhaps not the best idea as many students would not like others having access to their work or may feel it was an easy option to copy from the posts. I finally decided to put the homework on the web and hope that the students would be able to send it via their website. The student website is easy to create but does not have access to the teacher website directly from it which would make the process similiar.The use of log in names and passwords caused some confusion with passwords not working and when they did you were met with a blank page that states create your own site. No teacher, class or homework information or a link to it was evident.The teacher website URL link was needed.Through many emails and cries for help the processes was completed but now I am left with the Dilemma of how do I correct the Homework????? Weebly a wonderful wonder you are not!!!!!


Apathy and individualism are common place in modern society but how can the rich and successful of this world struggle to find meaning??? Surely the one that has it all does not struggle to find meaning or need religious belief. The interview below with Colin Farrell not only highlights the apathy and individualism that emerges from wealth and fame but how the loss of anchor points leads to a self destruction that can only be halted when one finds meaning. This interview allows students to examine the importance of anchor points in our lives and will promote debate on what gives meaning to our lives and why.