The search for meaning………….In the senior cycle course the search for meaning can often prove difficult for students to fully relate to. The experience of suffering, the goal and purpose in life and the experience of good and evil can often seem alien and irrelevant to their lives. The Interview post below with Donal Walsh allows students to identify not only with the how these experiences and questions can be experienced by a peer but also how the experince can bring meaning to your life. An excellent and thought provoking resource that lends itself to group work in the senior religion classroom.


I am new to blogging and as I begin this experience I question how effective it will be as a teaching methodology. In the modern day Religion classroom in which religion is an exam subject little time is available for such a time heavy endeavour. The medium may be effective as a diary blog for transition year religious activities or as a research medium for journal and coursework. The novelty of the medium may produce some interesting results as students are able to give more indepth answers than in a survey or questionaire. In a culture of technological natives I wonder however if the medium of a blog is already too slow and outdated for the instant generation!!!